Music Player & MP3 Player (v.52.02432.94) InShot Inc. for Android

Music Player stands out as the premier music player for Android. Featuring a stunning equalizer, comprehensive format support, and a sleek user interface, Music Player ensures an unparalleled musical journey. Easily navigate through all songs on your Android device, enjoy music offline, and elevate your listening experience with this exceptional free music player!

Experience Superior Sound with the Equalizer
Enhance your music with bass boost, reverb effects, and more, thanks to the built-in equalizer, guaranteeing a remarkable audio experience.

Support for Various Audio Formats
Beyond just MP3, Music Player accommodates all music and audio formats, including MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE, and more, delivering top-notch playback quality.

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Playstore reviews:

Out of nowhere, the app became ad-free and is now functioning smoothly on my other phone. Thank you, team! I've already installed and purchased it to remove ads. However, the issue arises when I attempt to install it on my other phone; it requires me to pay again to remove the ads. It's frustrating that they claim it was a one-time payment but only apply it to one device. What a scam!

Honestly, this app exceeds my expectations, and trust me, they are high. Rest assured, it will continue playing even when you lock your phone. You can customize not only the album covers but also the songs and the background of the app itself by choosing photos from your phone. Moreover, you can add your own lyrics; simply search them up and paste them! While not every song has lyrics, the other features? A perfect 10/10!

Please address the app's issues with uncollated track sorting and listing, especially regarding albums with the same title and multi-disc albums. Currently, the app combines tracklists from albums with identical titles, even if they're by different artists, under one album. Additionally, for multi-disc albums, it lists each song by track number but ignores the disc number, resulting in all track 1s listed first, then all track 2s, and so on. I've never encountered this issue before with iTunes and Samsung Music.

The app is pretty smooth and packed with features. I'll likely upgrade to premium soon, but I have a request. Please allow us to navigate directly to the artist or album from the Music Player. It might seem minor, but it would be cool to automatically click on the artist or album to add the rest of the catalog to the queue. Let me know if this feature exists; otherwise, I love your app, a solid 10/10!

I enjoy using this app; it's a 5-star experience for me, but there are some issues. I can't change the fonts, even though I can set a background image; the fonts remain white. The major problem I'm facing now is that it won't detect my music on the SD card, even though I could play it before. I moved my music to internal storage, formatted the SD card, and moved everything back, but now the folders can't be detected; it says they're empty. Why won't it scan them? I'll have to search for another player.

This music player app is truly a game-changer! I'm blown away by how it seamlessly blends style and functionality. Navigating through my music is effortless, and the playback quality is outstanding. The customizable playlists are a stroke of genius. I can't get enough of tweaking the equalizer to match my mood. It's like you've created the soundtrack to my life – kudos on delivering an app that's not just a player but an experience! Every time I use it, it's pure energy and pure joy! 💯

It's a great music app with fantastic features, and I enjoy using it for my music. However, the ads are quite annoying; sometimes, I just want to change the song, but an ad pops up before I can do anything. Additionally, the app sometimes stops playing music altogether, and the music notification disappears, so I have to go back to the app to replay it. Also, if possible, I wish there was a sound volume adjustment for each song because some songs are quiet while others are louder.

How many months I endured the built-in music app on my Realme phone, with numerous ads popping up and forcing me to wait almost a minute before I could skip them. Plus, I couldn't play music I searched for when offline. Despite uninstalling the updates multiple times to revert to its original state, it automatically updated every 24 hours from the time I uninstalled the updates, even without turning on the Wi-Fi or data. Thanks to this app, I'm glad I discovered it. Keep up the good work!

I came across a review mentioning that the volume kept dropping, and I had a similar experience. Then, I saw the uploader's reply, asking if the reviewer had turned off the equalizer. When I checked, I found my equalizer was indeed on, and when I turned it off, the volume suddenly increased! Anyway, thank you so much for this incredible app! I hope it becomes even more successful!

Here are the reasons why I like this app: 1. It provides lyrics even without an internet connection. 2. You can edit the author, title, album, and genre, and even add your own photo to the song. 3. It's like a nearly free version of Spotify, perfect for someone on a tight budget. 4. The songs are clear and audible. 5. It has autoplay (although it stopped working after a week, and I'm not sure how to fix it). However, you need to download your songs or music from another app or website on Google.

It's a great app, but whenever you add new files or music to the folder or device, you have to scan all the files again, which can be very time-consuming, especially if you have many files installed. Please consider adding more features like custom font colors and the ability to insert lyrics from websites to reduce the time spent. Also, please allow us to multi-select songs or playlists for easier transfer to a different playlist. Overall, it's very functional and useful, except for the time consumption.

This app offers the finest quality music and it's completely free. The sound quality is superb. I have a Samsung S24 Ultra, an advanced phone with a poor music app. Every new device emphasizes the camera; could there be an application that can play high-quality music for music enthusiasts? I downloaded this music app, and it plays everything effortlessly. Highly recommended.

Nice music! This is the best and most simple intuitive music player. I'm deducting one star because I paid for the full version due to my enjoyment and gave it a five-star review. However, sometimes when I open the app, instead of going directly to my music library, it keeps prompting me to rate and review, which I've already done. This is annoying, especially when I just want to play music.

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