Geometry Dash Lite (v.2.2.14) RobTop Games for Android

Navigate perilous obstacles with rhythmic precision in this action-packed platformer!

Embark on an almost insurmountable journey in the realm of Geometry Dash. Test your abilities to the fullest by navigating through hazardous passages and avoiding sharp obstacles with jumps, flight, and flips.

Enjoy hours of entertainment with simple one-touch gameplay!

Explore the complete version for fresh levels, soundtracks, achievements, an online level editor, and many more exciting features!

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Playstore reviews: 4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This offline game is incredibly enjoyable! It's even gaining popularity at my school. However, there's a slight issue with the first "door" in the level "The Tower." When you reach the almost end, there's a cutscene that lasts for a whopping 10+ seconds! More frustratingly, the third coin in that level is practically unobtainable. But that's not all! Some of the "player-made" levels or those exclusively playable within the game's search function aren't appearing. I'm unable to find certain levels that I want to play in version 2.2. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon.

Overall, this game is really good, nice, and simple. Complaining about the ads is pointless since you can play it without WiFi. The levels are well-designed, especially the later ones. It's an excellent game for those who can't or won't buy the full version. So far, I haven't encountered any bugs in the game, so I'll likely be playing it for a long time.

I think this game is great overall! I appreciate how the levels sync with the music. Why did I rate it 4 stars? Well, while I love the game, there's one simple yet significant improvement I'd suggest: the integration of Google Play Games. Why? Because I lost all my progress when I forgot both my username and password. With Play Games integrated, I wouldn't need to log in multiple times and risk losing my progress again, and my achievements would automatically save to my Play Games account. Anyway, great job!

It's a good game, I enjoy it, but it's unfortunate that the full version requires payment. I wish it were free. I hope you see this; Geometry Dash could receive higher ratings if you made the full version free for a limited time, like one month. Anyway, the game is overall enjoyable and fun.

This game is fantastic! My only issue is a glitch where midway through the level, the screen goes dark, making it impossible to see anything and play. I reinstalled the game, and the darkness disappeared midway through. However, it happened again after a day, and it worsened because the darkness lasted for 3 seconds. It only occurs in some levels, not all. Please fix this; I love this game, and I can't afford to lose it before I clear everything.

I initially gave this game 4 stars, but now it absolutely rocks! If you're experiencing issues with the music sync, here's a tip: Go to options and deactivate the 'Smooth Fix' mode. It's set to default for some reason. Deactivate it, and you'll be fine. I hope RobTop updates this free version with 'Blast Processing' to make it even more fun. 5 stars!

I used to adore this game three years ago... I couldn't even get past the first level without dying. I gave up, thinking it wasn't for me. But it turns out, all you need is some practice, and you can breeze through all the levels. I love how the music perfectly matches the levels. This was my absolute favorite game back then. I'm really hoping that this (and the other games) update to version 2.2. It's been years now, but I'm starting to love it again. Keep up the good work, RobTop!

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