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About Facebook App in 2024
On Facebook, whether you're seeking inspiration through reels, delving into interests through Marketplace or within groups, you'll find a myriad of ideas, experiences, and like-minded individuals that ignite your passions and propel you forward in what matters most to you.

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User reviews (3.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Since the implementation of forced end-to-end encryption, the app and Messenger have become separate entities. Now, whenever I click the messages icon in my FB app, I'm prompted to input my pin and redirected to a separate app instead of accessing Messenger directly. Additionally, I'm unable to open FB links and people's profiles without encountering the notice "can't open link." This transition has made both the app and Messenger increasingly frustrating to use, especially with each new upgrade.

The recent updates have been incredibly frustrating and detrimental to the user experience. The end-to-end encryption feature seems to autonomously delete messages, and the requirement for a Messenger pin and inability to open it in browsers have only exacerbated the issue. The ability to connect via browser was crucial for many users, especially in areas with unreliable internet connections. Please consider removing these updates, as they have made the app considerably worse for many users, myself included!

I keep encountering a recurring popup message stating, "Can't Send Request - It looks like you may not know this person. Send requests to people you know personally to see their updates on Facebook." Despite knowing the people I add as friends, this message persists, causing frustration among many users across various platforms. When will this issue be addressed? It's incredibly annoying and needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

This app has become increasingly disheartening to use. I was blocked due to perceived unusual activity, despite successfully verifying my account. The account recovery process seems stuck in a loop, with no way to contact support for assistance. Despite following the steps outlined in the help center, I have yet to receive the email necessary to log in again. This lack of support and resolution is incredibly frustrating.

Facebook Lite serves as an excellent alternative to the original Facebook app, especially for users with limited data plans or slower internet speeds. Despite its smaller size, it offers most essential features, including newsfeed browsing, messaging, and notifications. The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it a wonderful option for those seeking a streamlined Facebook experience.

While Facebook serves as a valuable tool for connecting people, it's plagued by occasional bugs and a flawed report feature. Its social environment can be detrimental, particularly for teenagers, with low-quality content and an ineffective algorithm. Adjusting settings doesn't always resolve these issues, as the platform continues to recommend irrelevant or violent content. Additionally, the prevalence of scammers underscores the need for caution when clicking on links.

There's a frustrating bug that occurs when attempting to view videos. Instead of playing, a "Page not found" error message appears when someone shares a reels video, forcing users to resort to screen recording to share content. It's disheartening that this issue persists despite ongoing updates, and it's clear that more attention should be given to ensuring functionality across all devices.

While the app functions adequately, it frequently crashes when changing the audience for a post. Facebook's overall user experience has declined over time, with the home feed dominated by suggested content rather than updates from connections. The option to see less or hide certain content seems ineffective, as these items continue to appear in the feed.

The two-factor authentication feature presents challenges when logging into my account and seems more confusing than helpful. Additionally, the inability to insert images from Gboard adds to the frustration of using the app. These issues highlight areas where improvements are needed to enhance the overall user experience.

I want to lodge a complaint about your app. Suddenly, while I'm scrolling, it stops working, and a message pops up saying "SESSION EXPIRED." Then, my account automatically logs out, and despite numerous attempts, I'm unable to log back in due to errors. I've been a longtime user of your app, and this is the first time I've encountered such an issue. As I use the Facebook app for work and other essential activities, I hope you can resolve this issue promptly.

I'm experiencing a marketplace bug and facing challenges with service support. Firstly, my marketplace isn't functioning within the Facebook app, although it works perfectly fine on Facebook Lite. It's frustrating to encounter a "Marketplace isn't available to you" message. Secondly, the in-app service support center is unresponsive to inquiries. Despite multiple reports, I've received no assistance or acknowledgment. This lack of support is incredibly disappointing.

I'm encountering issues with your app, as it suddenly stops working and displays a "SESSION EXPIRED" message while I'm scrolling. Subsequently, my account logs out automatically, and despite repeated attempts, I'm unable to log back in due to errors. This is the first time I've faced such a situation after years of using your app. As I rely on the Facebook app for work and other essential tasks, I urge you to address these issues promptly.

Please help me regain access to my account! I'm unable to retrieve it due to a bug or some other issue. A message suddenly appeared, stating "session expired," and despite trying various troubleshooting methods, the app continues to crash whenever I attempt to open it. Repeated login attempts result in crashes and an "unable to log in" message. I'm at a loss for what to do next to regain access to my account. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I'm experiencing an issue with automatic sound on media in the app. Despite having the setting turned off, the feature isn't functioning correctly after an update. Previously, when I clicked on a reel, the volume would remain off as I scrolled through my newsfeed. However, now the volume turns on automatically. Although I can manually turn off the volume using the speaker icon in the video, this shouldn't be necessary as my settings indicate that it's turned off. This issue has persisted through multiple updates and is quite frustrating.

While there are several aspects of the app that could be improved, the integration with the Galaxy Fold phone for work purposes has been particularly problematic. Due to the inability to pin the navigation bar, the app always opens on the left, as if in tablet mode, even when it's not. This results in a smaller display of the feed. Additionally, the stories count remains the same in phone mode as in tablet mode, making them tiny and difficult to navigate in phone mode. These issues need to be addressed.

The app is completely unusable on my Z Fold 4. In folded mode, it maintains the layout of unfolded mode, resulting in a distorted display where UI elements overlap and become unclickable over time. Additionally, the automatic splitting of the screen when clicking on Messenger while unfolded is visually unappealing. These issues severely impact the user experience and need to be rectified promptly.

With the new layout of the app on my Z Fold 4, using Facebook has become frustrating. The news feed, videos, and marketplace are displayed from top to bottom instead of left to right, cutting off posts and requiring additional clicks to view full content. Moreover, navigating between sections results in scrunched and overlapping buttons, further complicating usability. These issues need immediate attention to improve the user experience on foldable devices.

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