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Anonymous says: Excel is still king, but it takes a bit of while to have both (pc and phone) updated on the cloud unlike Sheets which saves your file up there every change you make. Sure there's a lot of practice and as the industry grew up using MS softwares, it can be difficult. But I hope that in time we will see more developments and that Google won't abandon this app because it's easier (if you get the hang of it) to use than Excel. No ads is just a comfort.

Anonymous says: Way more limited features than the one on computers, especially with the charts and such. As a student I don't usually have an available pc at hand and I can't really drag a laptop around just in case I need to do things or make specific edits. If it had most of the features found on the one in the internet it would've been much more easier to work with. The same is with Docs and Slides as well. Limited editing features for an "easier" work flow makes it more frustrating and annoying really.

Anonymous says: I love it! It helps everyone from the team and friends to share some files/documents. The only problem I see is that some options from the google sheet is not found on the microsoft excel and vice versa. Is there any way to have it all for both parties? As well as when freezing a column/row and when transferring the files vice versa there are different added sheets. Please make a way that every features can be intact when transferring into both apps.

Anonymous says: I love to use this if I wanted simple sheets, but the lack of editing features in the app in comparison to PCs frustrate me so bad. I'm a student that doesn't have a laptop nor PC, so I would just resort to the apps which has a restriction of features due to "easier" usage. This is also a problem with other Google apps as well, such as Docs and Slides. Please add it as early as you can.

Anonymous says: 1. Keyboard switching isnt an issue for me, simply discover what button to click to revert back to alphabetical keyboard. 2. I think the mobile app shouldn't really be exactly like the main software, the functions should only be enough for a quick edit after you leave home or the computer suddenly died. 3. But of course, the ideal is to switch all the functions from the software to the mobile app and it smoothly works. Happy developing google team!

Anonymous says: Love this app, use it constantly. My only complaint started with a recent update: some sort of animation has been added to navigation through the calendar, so instead of being able to fast-tap through the months, you have to wait for the animation to complete between each tap. A tiny annoyance, but as it wasn't a problem before, it seems odd to have patched it into existence!

Anonymous says: For the past month or so it goes into "View Only" mode on a sheet owned by me. Only way to fix this is to force close, clear cache and clear data. Any desktop icons are lost. App is no longer convenient. This has been an issue for months, now. I've reported via the Feedback approximately 25 times and given them the option to email me for help, no response. Disappointed.

Anonymous says: Extremely buggy app. I like the desktop app, but this is just a horrible experience. My hands can be nowhere near the controls at the bottom of the screen, and the app thinks I pressed < or it takes a screen shot, or I just can't scroll because it pings straight to the far end of the sheet. Is it just me? Or are others having this issue. This is the only app my phone does this with, and it's an S23 Ultra. Frustrating experience all around.

Anonymous says: I've been using it occasionally for a good amount of time since then it worked perfectly. But unfortunately I've tried to open today and it does open the primary screen and displays my spreadsheets, although it is unable to open none of them nor create any new one, it stops responding and crashes. Edit: clearing cache/erasing all data doesn't solve the problem, I've done both before posting rating.

Anonymous says: This app no longer works for past 2 weeks, and I have had it up-to-date for my Samsung Android phone - all sheet tabs are either blank/empty or missing most of the data - so completely useless app now. Desktop version points me to app so i can't use Google Sheets on my phone at all - desktop version in Windows OS with Chrome works normally. Seriously? It/you has ONE JOB -EPIC FAIL. Fix this!

Anonymous says: Buggy behavior: select an array of data. Copy. Paste transpose. The original data disappears. Bad behavior: select an array of data. Press and hold to access a menu. If you press and hold on any other cell than the upper left, the array will be cut and pasted to the new location before the menu appears. Who asked for that? Bad behavior: The option to auto-fill only appears if the cells are empty. But by that time you've probably accidentally moved the whole row or column, anyway.

Anonymous says: How in the world can such a conceptually simple and ancient app lack so many basic features? Can't add custom colors. Can't set it so back doesn't accidentally close a sheet. Images aren't cached. Rearranging sheet order is ridiculously slow. Can't access justify or borders unless in landscape mode. References to cells in other sheets must be done manually. Worst part is that on android, this app is still vastly superior to the web app on both chrome and Firefox based browsers.

Anonymous says: The new format menu pop up is unusable on my Samsung Galaxy s 23 ultra. This is because the font size tool is now a drop down that does not fit on my giant monster screen. I can't even imagine how poorly this works on a smaller screen. Before, I could change the font size by clicking an up/down button. If you return to the more convenient up/down option, I would be happy to update my review. I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous says: For a free spreadsheet app, it's insanely powerful, stable, and adaptable. It's easy to share, and works on anything. I wish it allowed for some coding, but I still prefer to use it over Excel for most of my spreadsheets.

Anonymous says: This new update is not user friendly at all. It was far easier to create formulas on the previous version. I cannot find a way around to easily format cells etc. Really frustrating. Why change an app that was working fine. At least give an option to roll back the update to previous version

Anonymous says: I have been using this app for last few years and this is my go to app for all kinds of tracking and reporting. Charting is way better compared to other apps available. But recently I think they changed the way we can format cell or column from number to date, data type. I don't find it anymore at top horizontal bar.

Anonymous says: This app is seriously underrated. I absolutely love it and use it every day, for all sorts of applications. For work, for statistics in games, for managing my scheduled maintenance for my car. This app is great. Spreadsheets are life. Especially for someone OCD like me :)!

Anonymous says: Lack of basic feature, Enter key changes row cell instead of Line-break, this is actually well designed for desktop environment, where ctrl+Enter used for Line-break, but no one put a single brain cell worth of thinking when redesigning for the touchscreen environment where there is no crtl key.

Anonymous says: It's a good app overall. But anytime I got stuck in 'view-only' mode as the owner, I can't seem to fix it at all - cleared caches on the app and phone - other than uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which is quite annoying. This persisted for a long time now and didn't seem to get fixed.

Anonymous says: The way colors show up in dark mode is so weird. Cells colored in yellow and with text inside show up with no white text which cannot be read and yellow color. I have to switch to light mode manually every time to view the text in black. Can't Google fix this simple thing? Will update this when they fix it. Because it makes the whole app so annoying to use.

Anonymous says: The last update for mobile devices is horrible. Making the Date and Time selectors 2 separate popups of different sizes and having them appear in different screen positions makes unintended entry errors almost unavoidable. Add to the problems that the keyboard disappears when selecting a new field causing the need to reselect the keyboard type and now there are more unavoidable errors and loss of time. If a filed is FORMATTED for a DATE and/or TIME, there should be a way to make it auto enter.

Anonymous says: Every time I forget and update one of Google apps I regret it, millions of users told you a simple rule : if it is not broken do NOT try to fix it . What was wrong withe the A button to change the look and group of sub-buttons ?!!! It was very nice, caler, eye/ vision friendly. Now it is like looking for a certain virsion of Dime among so many, all round same size and crowded and as usual no Way to ubdo the updae and go back to the previous one !!!

Anonymous says: Whenever I open a work document on the app it tends to press buttons on its own. Particularly my home and recent apps buttons. I've had instances when trying to copy an address off a work document the app will preemptively press cut instead of copy before my finger touches my screen. This has been an issue on every samsung phone I've had including the S20 Ultra, ZFold 3, ZFold 4, and most recently S23 Ultra

Anonymous says: Unfortunately I have created a drawing image intended to work as a button trigger and I have assigned an appscript on it but it's not functioning on Google sheet mobile app. But there's no problem in web app, so I used to open my browser and access the file. However in browser, the interface is not user friendly while using it in mobile. I hope you can fix the mobile app to run there the appscript assigned in image drawing. Thanks

Anonymous says: Recent UI changes are plagued with the pointless removal of useful features. Selecting a font no longer starts at the current font, but at the top, every time. Worse, the now pitiful selection of font sizes only contains 6-12, 14, 18, 24, and 36. That's it. You can't manually enter a size, either. There's no known or even apparent reason for these downgrades, just Google gonna Google. They love making things worse with updates. Gboard, YouTube, Chrome. There's a reason I still use Android 9…

Anonymous says: every number is entered as a date, and can't change to simply a number. AWFUL!!!! update: deleted ALL Offline files, but have around 10 download permanently, with a sticky notification that never goes away!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ worst app ever!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Offline feature is a scam, makes you believe you will be able to use it… but it's "downloading…" every single offline doc, NEVER gets available, almost lost my flight and hotel reservation while abroad… worst app ever!

Anonymous says: No Custom Colors in Android App... As an artist who builds colorways for dyeing, I use Google sheets. About two years ago, suddenly I could no longer add any custom colors via HEX numbers. Still can do it on PC. Useless on Android, and that's all I use. Really BAD move. WHY would you take away this capability??
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