Google Docs (v. for Android

Google Docs (v. for Android

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Anonymous says: After the update, I can't access my offline docs, but I managed to access them. Also, I noticed that I can't edit the title of the document by tapping twice on the upper part of the view mode (the name of the docs). Also, if I tap the format button on the top, it won't disappear after I tap on the screen. I just don't know if it's good or bad.. but it's good that I can now add columns, and there's many options for the bullets and numbering style.

Anonymous says: Docs is great for Online collaboration! However, it would be great if the interface for mobile and tablet would be the same for desktop. First, because of the missing features especially for the inserting things such as equations. It would be convenient since mobiles are always the one being brought everywhere. Nevertheless, docs keeps it great.

Anonymous says: It's a great app, I always use this for school, I recommend it. However there is a bug that I just encountered, Im trying to insert my photo from my album but it keep saying it can't be retrieved cz of bad connection. But I am literally using WiFi and the wifi is working well so idk why they said it's because of bad connection. I need to print it for my school assignment and it won't let me insert my photo, it's so annoying 😭. Pls help fix this bug

Anonymous says: Ever since I started using Docs, it was very easy for me to access it, especially the Explore feature where you can search the web without switching apps. After a day or two of not using Docs, I was gonna do a project and I can't find the Explore button!!! EDITED: Still no EXPLORE FEATURE, GDocs literally downgraded themselves. Please add this feature back, this has been stressing my out lately.

Anonymous says: It's a good app if you want to make important documents on the go. But lately, it's been crashing on me everytime I open my files. Sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it does. And I'm getting sick and tired of straight up uninstall and reinstalling it, deleting cache, even clearing out some old files from my Google Drive. Please fix this Google, it's such a waste of potential if this keeps happening.

Anonymous says: I really love this app. It’s been very useful to me, especially because it can sync across multiple devices and even save files offline. However, I would love for these features to be added in order to make my experience a lot easier: 1) Folders and 2) Paragraph Formatting in which we can choose to add/remove space before and/or after paragraph. It would also be cool if we can visibly see our overall word count on the page ^^ Thank you for this app! 💞

Anonymous says: It's been so helpful to me as a non-native English writer since the app helps me in correcting my grammars and typos. Not only that, it also helps me in correcting writing in my local language. It can even correct typos in other languages! So helpful! There are so many good things, but there are still some things that I need help with. For example, I wish that the app could at least have a folder to organize my documents, or maybe add some other things that you could put there, like a graph.

Anonymous says: Very useful app but it crashes or lags sometimes. Also, it's kinda missing some features you would find on PC such as attaching "drawings or shapes", paragraph indentions (have to manually indent on mobile), image size adjustments where you could adjust the width and height in cm or inch (This I definitely use often for IDs), and a few other things I might've forgot to mention. Please do add them on mobile devices. It would be much appreciated.

Anonymous says: The mobile app is... frustrating. I love that I can pick up where I've left off whenever inspiration strikes, but using the mobile app is more frustrating than not. The random capitalization in the middle of sentences and the glitches when trying to backtrack are the most frustrating parts. I don't expect an app to have the same functionality as the desktop program, but this app definitely needs some help.

Anonymous says: Editing is such a pain, that the app is barely useable. Super stressful, I guess this is what monopoly does to functionality. The column function does nothing. The scroll button is constantly in the way. There's apparently no option to change table border colour or background. The copy/paste edit bar pops up at random and is in the way. Editing tables is just a pain. I can't edit the margin on bullet points. Extremely frustrating to use.

Anonymous says: I used to LOVE using Google Docs. I've been using it religiously for over a decade, but it's literally unusable for Android devices it seems. Every unnecessary auto correct, random capitalization, and jump across the docs is driving me further and further away from using it. Definitely looking for better alternatives at this point. It's just not worth the storage on my phone anymore.

Anonymous says: The app was good, but for some reason the people who run the app decided to reduce what little freedom we used to have. We can't even freely choose what font size we want anymore! The font sizes are either 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24! And not to mention the sheer lack of creative options. The inability to get rid of margines, add watermarks, etc. Many options available for other devices just simply not being an option of phone.

Anonymous says: I really enjoy using Google docs. It is easier to just copy and paste anything I have written on my note pad and the edit features are superb!. The only challenge I am having currently with this app is the fact that I sometimes cannot use the 'spell check' feature and then I find it difficult to access a document I have saved especially when it is really long. I usually have serious network glitches and it is really frustrating. I hope to get a response or a solution to this soonest. Thank you.

Anonymous says: I've been experiencing the same issues as many others as far as random capitalizations, cursor jumping to the wrong paragraph, and autocorrecting words that shouldn't be corrected. I've tried clearing my cache and that didn't help. The thing is, this only happens on my Samsung S22 Ultra, but not my old Samsung Note 9 despite both having the latest update. Hopefully this might help you figure out where to look for the bugs in the code if you know it's only affecting newer model devices! Thanks!

Anonymous says: When I downloaded the app not long ago was lagging extremely. I was trying to open a 25 pages long book at the time and the app wasn't responding and if it was, it needed from two to four minutes to load the document. After the last updates the document which is now 40 pages loads in matter of few seconds. Since there's great improvement, I rate with 5 stars, and wait for more. Nonetheless, there are few features of the desktop I would like to see in the mobile such as improved search tool.

Anonymous says: Works fine on my iPad, but works terribly on my android. When typing, it constantly adjusts what I'm typing. Random capitalization, random backspacing to combine words, constantly autocorrecting words to be incorrect. This isn't a problem with my phone in general, as it doesn't happen in other apps or even during this review. I had seen that clearing cache can help, and it does for a brief period of time. It will go back to all the wonky typing shortly after.

Anonymous says: The app worked perfectly fine before, how did it get messed up so badly? The app randomly capitalizes letters while you're typing for no reason. It will also add in punctuation out of nowhere, and autocorrect words that are spelled correctly to something completely different. You can't easily change it back either. You'll have to retype the whole word, and it might autocorrect it incorrectly again anyway. Throw out the last six months of updates and roll it back, please.

Anonymous says: There are too many functions missing from the web app, this app is extremely slimmed down. For example: Many functions in the web app under "Insert." You can't use diagrams, special characters, a table of contents, smart chips, citations and user aids. In the app, some documents are also unfortunately always opened in the print view. Show things like linear and the structure are also not possible and that is only a tiny part.

Anonymous says: The app, just like most things carrying the Google name, as of recently, has become increasingly disappointing to the point of being infuriating. For some time now, I can't fathom why, when I want to download a file, it always downloads it as PDF instead of a docx file when it was saved as a docx in the app. Another thing is the sheer lack of features on Android and the overall lack of intuitivity - the app is way worse than the web version, and I hate it every time I'm forced to use the app.

Anonymous says: I love this app it's my go-to I use is all the time but it use to be that you could change the name of a doc right at the top by tapping it but now for some reason it's no longer the case. Now I have to go into the little menu to do it. It doesn't seem to be a bug. I want that function back. That said it's just a slight inconvenience to name docs now it just makes organizing a bit annoying. Would recommend to anyone!

Anonymous says: The app is very, very buggy. I use it to write my short stories when I don't have access to my computer, and it will randomly autocorrect words and combine them, and I have to backtrack to fix it. Sometimes, if I make a space after fixing it, it just autocorrects again. It'll also capitalize letters that don't need to be capitalized, and I have to backtrack AGAIN. It's so frustrating, and I really wish they would fix it.
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