Gmail (v.2024.04.14.625469418) for Android

Gmail (v.2024.04.14.625469418) for Android - Modded Apk (2024 Update)

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Anonymous says: The app was good after leaving a bad review on here but then it goes back to being as before. Now it says that it's full storage due to the "photos" in my drive but there was none that it could show when I try to "clean up space" then I deleted large files only to see that it still "full storage" and it keeps on demanding I get a better plan "subscription" to be more accurate. It only happens on this account of mine

Anonymous says: Checking emails from weeks ago using the app on the phone, and Gmail just sucks tracing them back. Just KEEPS ON LOADING as I scroll back through. It also just KEEPS ON TAKING ME BACK TO RECENT ONES, so I start going over the past ones over and over. And if I stay for long in the current mail, it WON'T SLIDE TO THE NEXT. I'm then compelled to click the 'back' button which takes me back to recent ones again!!!

Anonymous says: Never had any issues but lately I've noticed that many of my emails/notifications are often a day late. UPDATE: My emails from separate accounts are blending together for some reason and when I try to use the "All Inboxes" option the app crashes and closes automatically. Very odd and I'm very concerned. UPDATE: Uninstalling and then reinstaling the app appears to have corrected the issue. I don't know if it made a difference but I also reset my phone after reinstalling. Thank vou.

Anonymous says: The app was always a bit underwhelming, but now it doesn't do it's job anymore. It doesn't pick up my emails from googlemail (strangely it still works with my mail account from Microsoft). It is simply stuck in an endless loop of "Getting your messages...". It is quite embarrassing that two products from the same company stopped working together

Anonymous says: Overall a good app. I can't complain too much with how it works. My only issue is that when using the search bar to find emails it will keep hiding the keyboard every 2 or 3 letters. This prevents me from actually being able to find emails easily as I have to type a few letters, stop then retype once I have got the keyboard back up again. Think the size of files that can be sent and received could be a bit higher.

Anonymous says: I love this app for email. It is simple, and there are no adds. One problem, however, is that on my android phone notifications do not seem to come through. I looked into the issue in the "help and feedback" and they said update the app if the sync is on and notifications are on too. Now I find that I cannot find where or how to update the app. Arrggg! I missed an email that was two hours old because of this lack of notifications. If they give troubleshooting steps, I at least want them to work.

Anonymous says: been syncing for over six hours and blocks all incoming calls while its stuck. what gives!?!! update: large outgoing email failed to send, put phone in a infinite sync mode after two hours of 'uploading mail'. only solution was to purge all storage, and was unable to send the email. one job! missed three calls. update 2: thats the webpage i used to fix the issue, good to know it happens so often, 1 star! no soup for you!

Anonymous says: I am writing to express my frustration with the Gmail application's recent instability. For over two years, I have experienced frequent crashes and freezes, especially when composing or replying to emails. Despite reinstalling the app regularly, I continue to encounter these issues at least once a week. Furthermore, the app often fails to recognize my contacts list, making it difficult to compose emails. It is evident from online discussions that many other users are facing similar challenges. I

Anonymous says: Been using Gmail for some years now and I'm really happy with it. It's easy to use and navigate. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to add labels on android at the moment you can only do this via PC and not the android app and I like to keep emails in order in labels just in case I need them later but no longer having a computer you can't do that via the app. But a great app other than that minor problem.

Anonymous says: Not getting email notifications no matter what I do. Permissions are there. I'm using the latest version, I've tried clearing cache, reinstalling etc. When sending an email the app just closes and there is no notification that it was sent. I believe they think this is a feature and not a bug for some reason. It doesn't crash, the app just goes to the background. It should just continue to your inbox and show a "Sent" notification but it does neither. New email notifications are very delayed too.

Anonymous says: Good application but I would prefer if it defaulted to the combined inbox instead of having to select it each time also I would prefer a widget for the combined inbox as well. it could also benefit of holding down popup to preview emails within the app so you don't have to have to open an email when you don't have the full time to read and respond at the moment.

Anonymous says: The error has been there for almost 10 years. Fix the malfunction where the app closes when the email is sent. It should see a notification that email was sent. This error has been there for many years and has never been fixed yet on android. Unfortunately, instead of solving this simple issue, Google's team wants you to read articles 😅. Probably, a mediocre developer is able to add a notification when the email is sent

Anonymous says: it was fine until I stopped getting email notifications. I checked all my settings and keep the app updated and I can't find anything wrong. I keep missing important emails because I always relied on it sending me notifications when they come in. Now it doesn't do that. It's like the 1 major thing I need my email app to do. I'll just try a different app.

Anonymous says: Not syncing! I cannot get the app to sync my emails. All notifications are set to on, I have updated the app, reinstalled the app, checked notifications online, in my phone settings, the app settings, cleared cache. I have actually had two different Samsung galaxy devices this issue has happened on. The app simply won't sync until I go onto it manually. This is so frustrating as the email I've set up for work is on Gmail and I'm not getting the notifications until I manually click on the app.

Anonymous says: Random freezes when trying to select an email. Hangs the entire application and it will not reload again until you force quit it and clear all the cache. This has been happening for at least 3 months. Hashtag, The Google Difference? And I've tried all the troubleshooting, read the forums, followed the instructions etc. I don't need to be sent back to driving school because the brakes are faulty. Fix the app.

Anonymous says: since I switched to to Pixel 8, this app never worked properly. I never received push notifications unless I open the app. once I close it, I don't receive notifications anymore. I've followed the instructions to turn the notifications for all, sync and unsync, playing around with notifications, make it run in the background but still not working properly.

Anonymous says: Had to install a different mail app to receive timely push notifications. After the recent updates, I no longer receive notifications until I open the app; all the notifications come flooding in and then stop when I close the app. So, it's basically useless for receiving mail on time, but everything else works well enough, I guess. Might just disable it at this point. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling updates, and I've made sure all notifications have been toggled. I'm at a loss...

Anonymous says: Far too often emails cannot be read. All that is shown is a selection for VIEW MORE. Selecting View More does nothing. Aaaaarrrggghhh. I have followed advice from Google and forums but as useful as a chocolate teapot. Contents of email are not displayed. Occasionally by clearing cache uninstalling then re installing I can get it to work but this only lasts a couple of days then it's back to going through the whole process again and fingers crossed. Maybe it will work this time but mostly not.

Anonymous says: I haven't been receiving emails for the last 2 weeks, I have missed some very important mail. When I search my inbox by sender, it showes me that the email is in the inbox, but I cannot open it. As soon as I exit the search, those email are not shown in my inbox. This has never happened before. Could you please help with the problem. Thanks.

Anonymous says: Constantly locks up and crashes, I've gone through tech support and made sure the settings were as they should be and it still locks up at least once a day, although that it's such a lousy program that I am down to only checking my mail once a day out of frustration anyways. It used to be so solid, I don't know what happened but honestly this isn't the only Google product I'm having issues with.

Anonymous says: Ever since the app updated i cannot send any emails, it just gets queued and then eventually fail. I've followed all the steps on the suggested article, but it hasn't helped at all. I Google other ways to fix the problem that i also tried, but that also didn't help. Over all the years there have been no problems, and now it has just caused a complete mess with work and costed me dear customers.

Anonymous says: Really frustrating app! If you haven't used your phone for about 10 minutes, no more notifications appear until you unlock your phone. There are loads of articles online with people looking to resolve this issue looking into notification settings and battery optimisation and loads of other stuff, yet nothing resolves the problem. Previously, I had an iPhone and the gmail app does not have these notification issues. Why is a Google app worse on Android?
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