Files by Google (v.1.3324.627969651.1) for Android

Files by Google (v.1.3324.627969651.1) for Android Modded Apk (2024 Update)

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Anonymous says: It was operational and superb for a long time, but suddenly upon accessing a specific picture folder from the shortcuts last two days, it redirects me to the root folder of all pictures. I use screenshots a lot because I am attending an online class and compiling it in a collective folder once classes are over. Now i need to manually find these files. *Latest update, i think devs abandoned troubleshooting issues for pocof3.I have waited for so long,guess I will use my default manager instead.

Anonymous says: I've always loved Files by Google. As when it comes to music I'm semi old school. So I keep my mp3 music collection in my phones; despite of the popularity of music streaming apps. As there are tracks in my library that are jusl not available in those services. And I'm able to manage my music collection really well using this app. The built-in music player also makes its sound quality even better than the music players I've downloaded. I could not ask gor more. I pair this with Shazam's lyrics ♥

Anonymous says: I can't move or paste my files to the DATA and OBB folder... Even though i already gave it permission to have access to ALL files. Please fix this issue, not only that this stupid feature that says "To protect your privacy, create another folder" to whoever thought that was a good idea i think you should have added an option to turn it off or just remove it dimwit!

Anonymous says: Finding and managing files is inefficient, but recent updates have begun to address this. The tabs within each "Categories" view are now sorted alphabetically; finding the folder you want is now better! But, when you move files, it always takes you to the start of the hierarchy. It should keep you in the current folder so that you can more easily move what you want to a closer related folder. The entire hierarchy is already available up top when moving, so people can always use that and tap.

Anonymous says: When I am downloading something from Chrome, It's not showing in Google files recent section or picture and video category. Even when I am putting the option of sort by storage to sd card only, it's just not showing. I have to find that downloaded thing by going in download folder of my sd card. It's frustrating. Please fix it. Also, please bring back easy, fast, secure file sharing feature in the app. That would be very good.

Anonymous says: Please allow various settings for keeping things in trash. Add options to keep things in trash for 24 hours and maybe 10 days. I don't need trash on my phone for 30 days. That is way too long! For videos, add a way to check if the thumbnail is the same to delete duplicates that may be different file sizes but the same video. Also, this app is by Google it should be able to go into the Android folder. Lastly, needs to show how much free space there is instead of just what is used.

Anonymous says: This app is so annoying. I tell it not to show me a message saying storage is running out, then it shows me EVERY 5 MINUTES. I cleaned every app it suggested, then it turns around & days storage running out, & lists more apps to delete. My phone will be empty if I keep "cleaning"my apps. Why give the option to choose not to see the message again if it's just going to keep showing it over and over again. Very annoying.

Anonymous says: The progress bar freezes when deleting files from the SD Card. Moving files to a location with existing folders doesn't offer the option to overwrite; instead, it creates new folders with incremented numbers. There's a need for basic 'Move to' or 'Copy to' options for content management. The UI is confusing; there's no sidebar access within 'Internal Storage' or 'SD Card', and no top tab switch when navigating between them.

Anonymous says: Sleek and fast, but I prefer the outdated version in my old phone. Need too many clicks to delete a file, empty the trash, etc. The search box is only available in one place when the app is opened. If you're in subfolder, you need to go back to the the beginning to use search function. I intentionally put all my files and subfolders under one master folder, and I can't customize the app to enable me to reach a subfolder of my choosing when I open the app.

Anonymous says: Incompetent design. Doesn't show almost every single file on the entire system. Pictures, videos, downloads, etc apparently exist but don't show in the app (they're not cloud stored). If you want to simply look at the files on your system and manage them, this can't do that. I finally found a file in a category, the info says it's in "emulated/0/Pictures", guess what folder doesn't exist in the storage according to this app: emulated. There is a litany of other failures like this.

Anonymous says: Has a nice feature that allows you to manage your apps and sort by file size etc. it's better than the default app manager on the Samsung a14 Also has a safe folder feature that lets you hide videos and pictures that you might not want other people to see if they're looking over your shoulder while you're browsing your phone. It is inferior to the default file app in how it handles zip files and compression.

Anonymous says: Well, Files by Google just got better with it's new update. This update comes with the ability to scan documents from within the files app similar to the Google drive app. You can scan multiple pages, clean them up, crop and add a filter if you'd like. The best feature though imo is being able to combine them into one document and saving it as a PDF. Some features I'd like to see added is a more manual user involved duplicate device scanner. One that allows you to have more control.

Anonymous says: Lack of clarity. When I clicked on the very generic message saying resources were jlow it took me to a very comprehensive look at my system which included internal and external I did not see a problem area per se as it appears that memory was fine. Update......See response below from Google. The answer, in my mind, is to make it more intuitive. My review is an opinion. I have no issue with my knowledge....I take issue with how easy it is for others to use it.

Anonymous says: This app works fine with no faults but there can definitely be improvements in the feature area to be on par or surpass 'Samsung my files' as it's limited to Samsung devices and I sadly can't install it on my Sony. 1 is the added feature of a quick scroll cursor as I don't have to normally scroll through hundreds to thousands of photos to get to the one I want. 2 is the ability to search in all, some and or individual folders for what you want so you don't have to go looking for it.

Anonymous says: Nearby share is not working properly. This was a very useful feature of the app previously. Thanks for responding, but the ease of use of nearby share is quite poor compared to Files. With files, it was clear what to do. Nearby share appears to be deeper integration but more obscure at the same time. Moreover, it seems to be very temperamental.

Anonymous says: Files has stopped allowing me to open any documents. I have updated and even uninstalled and reinstalled... Still can't view documents. Since last update. Sort ASAP please as I need access to certain files. Excel, Word, pdf files can't be seen let alone opened. The app isn't finding them at all. I get my Rota as an Excel file so need to see as my shifts change often. Many thanks for the fix

Anonymous says: It's the best files management app I've ever used. However, nothing's perfect, most times it takes too long to select any pictures or load apps in applications. It also displays too much data on specific apps, when you think Facebook lite is 200mb when it's actually 4.3mb, even after clearing cache, and it's data. Also, why is there only always a Move to bin button, because now I have to GO to the recycle bin to actually delete something which I wanted to delete permanently in the first place.

Anonymous says: Absolutely aggravating to use. UI is only intuitiveon home page or if navigating through "internal storage" in storage devices. Trying to upload files to cloud storage systems, such as one drive, is made impossible in app, and an incredible hassle through one drive app, which is forced to use this app. It has become abundantly clear that Google no longer knows what users want, and instead designs their apps to frustrate or confuse users.

Anonymous says: Pretty Nice app. It has different ways you can easily use to delete useless data. Moreover, it is more advanced than your phones own phone manager. It also enables its users to see the data taking more space, or are system's essential apps. Great work. But as they say, nothing is perfect. The new tabs are complex and makes it harder to find Nearby Share and other features. The apps previous version was more colorful and satisfying to use and still needs improvement.

Anonymous says: It works for m3 simple and straight forward. There is one thing I find frustrating though and that there are a few more share types, I often find myself configuring my friends phone and mine just for that purpose. It should be easier than it is. Anyways thanks to this app for keeping me tidied up and free of duplicate junk.
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